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The Process


The Process

Getting your audio files/recordings to us at Totally Typing couldn’t be simpler.

By using a compatible digital voice recorder, your PC, your laptop, or Smartphone (BlackBerry/iPhone), you will be able to send us your audio files easily. You can even create a recording and send to us while travelling, as long as you have Internet access. No need to wait until you reach your office/home for us to start work. At Totally Typing, we can begin transcribing your audio files straight away, which enables you to meet the tightest possible deadlines.

Types of Transcription Offered


An ‘Intelligent’ transcript edits the words to develop a manuscript suitable for publication. Contractions are expanded (“cause” becomes “because”) and grammatical errors are corrected. In cases where the transcript is being prepared for broadcast or distribution, this is the best choice. It is especially helpful in situations where the listeners or readers were not present when the initial recording was made.

THIS IS OUR NORMAL STYLE. Unless a client requests otherwise – the work will be typed in Intelligent Transcript style.


‘Verbatim’ transcriptions are usually requested by, for example, academic institutions or researchers who need to be able to accurately recreate interviews. Every time the person on the recording pauses, coughs, or uses words like “umm” and “err”, that fact is noted. With this transcription style, all words are typed as said, including filler words such as “yeah” and “cause”.

Intelligent Verbatim

‘Intelligent Verbatim’ transcripts record the words exactly as said – word for word, but omit other utterances, background noises and interruptions. This transcription style is the standard used by for example the police and in legal interviews or in situations where capturing an individual’s exact responses is imperative.

Please let us know your preferred style of transcript

Here are the options for recording and sending files to us:

  1. Dictate or record directly into your handheld voice recorder, PC, laptop, or mobile phone. Save as an audio file and upload to us via our fast, secure facility. Or, if you already have a file saved to your PC, simply upload files to us via our website upload feature.
  2. Most clients prefer the secure option of uploading their files to us via our upload facility. However, you may wish to send very small files to us via email attachments, using your preferred smaller file format e.g. .mp3 etc…
  3. We will also accept USB devices, CDs or DVDs (for conversion) via ‘Special Postal Delivery’ or by courier. (Completion of this sort of work may not be turned around within 48 hours. Please contact the office for clarification 0208 761 7902 / enquiries@totallytyping.com).

Our standard policy is to acknowledge receipt of client files promptly.

We will download and transcribe your recording and once the project has been completed, email the finished document back to you within the stated 48 hours, (or if longer project – within agreed time-frame) together with a paid invoice/receipt on confirmation of payment.

Most of our clients request work be returned to them as a Word document, but we can also complete the transcript as a .pdf document if required.

If you need more information regarding audio formats, please call 0208 761 7902 or contact us at enquiries@totallytyping.com